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Carpet Cleaning Pinecrest uses the most powerful safe and effective method of steam cleaning possible. Steam cleaning is preferred in the carpet cleaning industry, because of its ability to penetrate in the carpet fibers deeply, unlike dry cleaning. With Steam Cleaning method, stains are less likely to reappear after cleaning. This is because stains are removed from deep within the carpet, not just from the surface level. Call us at 305-771-5519 for a free quote and to find out how to take great care of your valuable rugs.

Rug Repair

One of the great phrases for the rug repair industry is passed down from the wisdom of our grandmothers, “A stitching in time saves nine.” Now, that means that fixing the problem when it is small will save lots of time and money compared to dealing with it when it becomes a much larger problem. You can say that is true about a lot of maintenance. Repairing rugs is a special skill. There are a lot of disasters that you can fix if you take your rug to a specialist. Here at Oriental Rug Cleaning Miami we can help you restitch, resew, and redye your precious, valuable rugs. We can restitch cuts in your Oriental rugs. If your rug has fringe and needs to have new fringe applied because it is wearing down or becoming frayed then we can help. When you need to have a rug examined for possible frail threads or decomposition then let us take a look and address all pertinent issues as well as let you know how much use is still in there until it becomes a much worse and expensive problem. We help restore your valuable rugs to a condition that will allow them to be reused for decades after. Despite your rugs current condition, there is most likely a chance that is can see another day as a reconstructed rug.

Pet Odor & Stain Removal

We all love our furry friends but sometimes accidents happen. We can help clean your rugs if it has been ruined by pet urine or other liquid stains. There is no need to hide your favorite rugs when you have fancy parties. Exhibiting them is a major feature of wining and dining. We get red wine stains out of fine rugs with no problems. Stain removal is similar to our cleaning process as when we conduct cleanings, we often treat stains as well. However, when a clean rug has an isolated stain it can be cheaper and quicker to fix. We always use the appropriate cleaning solvents on your type of rug. To ensure that we are using a solvent that will not disrupt the fabric of your rug we use test spots where they will not be seen but because we are rug cleaning specialists, we understand mostly every fiber and fabric used in rugs and carpet making.

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Rug Cleaning Process


Every rug and carpet that comes to us starts with a thorough inspection. We nate accurate notes and pictures of all areas that need to be addressed including stains, rips, and wear and tear. At this point we can provide you with an accurate estimate for price and time of repair or cleaning.


Consider this the “checking pockets” stage before doing laundry. We want to remove all large portions of dirt. It is also crucial that we eliminate as much of the fine dirt from the fibers as possible before exposing the material to moisture.


Once ready for washing, we implement the safest of biodegradable, environmentally friendly solvents to clean your rug. We make sure that each solvent is safe for the specific material. At this point, we can address the particular stains.


To ensure that the fibers in the rug retain their strength and softness as well as to prevent the dyes from bleeding, it is of the utmost importance to dry them well and quickly. Therefore, we first use an extractor to remove most of the water and moisture. Then, complete the drying in a humidistat-controlled dry room.

Final Inspection

After drying is completed, each rug is vacuumed and then spot treated for any stains that may not have come out during the wash. Fringes are carefully inspected and may be redone in order to look their best. The team member who completes the final inspection signs off on that tag.

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Thank you for dropping by our webpage and feel free to call us up for scheduling or questions related to Carpet Rug or Upholstery Cleanings. Call us at  305-771-5519 for a free quote and to find out how to take great care of your valuable rugs. We offer pick-up and delivery within Miami! Rugs are part of our culture and we treasure the times you enjoy with your rug.

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